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Llandudno Rocks


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A luxurious, immaculately furnished, 4 bedroom en-suite architectural masterpiece nestled in the natural rock of the exquisite Llandudno shores, Cape Town

Cradled by a prodigious rose-coloured granite boulder that reveals itself throughout the house, Llandudno Rocks sits unobtrusively against a backdrop of the cape wilderness.

This four-storey haven was designed to work harmoniously with its exquisite Llandudno environment, inviting guests to feel they’ve reached a mesmerising destination. A light sea breeze nudges you into the property’s funicular which can take you from the ground floor to the top.

A stop on the master level shows off the architect’s success at creating a paradise. White walls, bamboo flooring, high ceilings, and bright interiors set the scene for an open-plan living area with a seamless indoor-outdoor design that invites the eye to land on an unobstructed view of the ocean.

Master level

Sliding glass doors open onto a terrace where loungers and a heated infinity pool beckon. The outdoor bar and grand table compliment large gatherings or intimate soirees.

Inside, cascading light strikes the white marble counter tops of the contemporary kitchen to round off the soft energy of the space. Appearing in every room is a selection of the owner’s personal art collection sourced from around the world. Oversized wall pieces pay tribute to the breathtaking scenery outside. Throughout the house, hanging fireplaces offer additional ambience.

A short staircase leads to the master bedroom. Neutral tones and concrete accents bring this bright end of the hall to life. From the king-size bed, guests have a front row seat to a private viewing of Llandudno’s breath-taking sunsets.
Private Suite

Adorned with intriguing art that lures you down the partial glass hallway, this level invites guests to feel inspired by a design that brings the outside in, helping one connect to nature as they sidle up to a richly painted bar. The perfect spot for a late afternoon cocktail, the intimate bar also features a balcony with a plunge pool and fire pit, providing yet another personalised view of the sky and ocean.

A private suite on the top floor offers a secluded space where one can truly feel as if they’re on a retreat. Accentuated by a provocative painting over the bed by Kelly John Gough, this room opens to a rooftop deck that boasts unbeatable views, surround sound, and plenty of space for dancing.

Each bedroom provides extensive floor-to-ceiling closet space with an elegant en-suite bathroom.

Family Enclave

Below the main floor, past a family enclave, a granite boulder makes a dramatic backdrop for one of two bedrooms perfect for kids or additional guests.

In a suburb known for its’ absent street lights and commercial activity, Llandudno Rocks reflects the same relaxed atmosphere while offering a host of amenities that cater to every need. By evoking an inspired sense of stillness, this house encourages exploration both between its walls and behind one’s eyes. A secret sanctuary, the only thing inescapable at Llandudno Rocks are the enchanting views.


Uninterrupted mountain and sea views with luxurious design
Open plan, fully-equipped (Kitchen / Living / Dining )
Bedrooms – 4 en-suite bedrooms, one with a King bed, two with a Queen bed and one with 2 single beds
Master Deck : heated pool, loungers, bar, ambient fire place feature
Bar Deck : plunge pool and ambient fire place feature
Event Deck : private entertainment rooftop deck with surround sound
Security – 24 hour on-site security and the latest state of the art security systems
Parking – Fully-secured garage parking

Full climate control
High-speed unlimited internet access
Full sound system controlled from mobile device

Services and Extra Information

Butler/Chef Exquisite ocean and mountain views Housekeeping
Swimming pool 4 bedrooms 4 en-suite bathrooms
Double Garage WIFI Interested in film/photo shoots and functions

Rates and availability

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Peak Summer: from R 43 750 per night (minimum 10 nights)

Summer : from R 25 000 per night (minimum 3 nights)

Winter: from R 15 000 per night (minimum 3 nights)

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